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Finding Companies that Offer Senior Employment Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be ideal to work for a company that valued your knowledge, experience and maturity and offered job opportunties and benefits designed specifically for seniors seeking retirement employment? How do you find companies that demonstrate a commitment to mature workers?

With the "graying of America" and an impending shortage of younger workers, more and more companies are realizing that employing mature workers is essential to their long term growth. Smart companies are adopting policies, practices and recruiting programs now aimed at creating senior employment opportunities.

Senior-Friendly Employer Best Practices

Companies that actively support mature workers seeking retirement employment may be identified by their human resource policies and strategies. The list of "best practices" below outlines some of the policies and programs to look for as clues that the company values the experience and loyalty offered by older workers:

  • Recruiting Strategies: Do they partner with senior associations and networks to advertise positions? Do their advertisements promote senior employment opportunities? Do their corporate materials show pictures of a diverse or older workforce or do they say they are an "Equal Opportunity Employer"?
  • Accommodating Diversity: cultural or personal. Do employee activities show they value uniqueness? Do they offer management training programs about eliminating age-related or cultural biases in the workplace?
  • Employee Retention Plans: Do they encourage retirees to stay with the company, and offer part time or consulting arrangements to benefit and retain experienced workers?
  • Physical Accommodations: Are they sensitive to workplace ergonomics relevant to older workers? Do they provide seating or adaptive technology for workers with vision impairment?
  • Training and Development: Does the company offer training that encourages workers to stay current with new technology, with options that accommodate different learning styles (reading, lecture, interactive)? Do they promote mentoring/cross generational training and teams so workers can learn from each other?
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: (see the related article on Exploring Flexible Work Arrangements): Does the company offer flexible scheduling, telecommuting or job sharing opportunities that are so important to keeping older workers and/or retirees?
  • Benefits and Retirement: Are essential benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings plans available to all workers? Do they offer a phased retirement program?

As you research and interview with different companies, look for these indicators that demonstrate their support for mature workers. One excellent source for "senior friendly" companies is the AARP’s "National Employer Team." The AARP has identified and partnered with companies that value the leadership, experience and skills that older employees can provide. To be eligible for this list, companies complete a long application about their hiring practices, human resource policies, benefits and opportunities that demonstrate their appreciation for the talent mature workers do bring to a job. Their senior-friendly list includes leading companies in retail, health care, business, staffing, communication and insurance that offer jobs to seniors seeking retirement employment. Read the article at AARP.

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