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Dream Jobs in Retirement

Congratulations! You have "retired." But you're too young and energetic NOT to continue working and earning. Take some time to assess your new lifestyle and retirement plans. You may find you miss the routine, collegial aspect and financial rewards of your former working life. You may want to consider new work options and maybe even that illusive dream job. Here's a quick guide to jump start your thinking about choosing and pursuing a fulfilling and meaningful job in retirement.

What is your dream job – maybe a summer retirement job?

There is no job category on Monster called "dream" jobs. You can't type it into a search box and find a ready-made list of dream companies. But you will find inspirational stories about people who have with forged a path to a job they love. Second careers afford you the opportunity to take a bit of risk to pursue work that has meaning for you at this phase in your life. Your dream job in retirement will satisfy your personal interests and goals, however practical or radical they may be. This dream job many may build on your former career or skills, may be a summer retirement job, or may be something entirely new.

Survey your skills and interests

Give thought to your skills and interests. Talk with your spouse, colleagues, and former associates to create your personal inventory of strengths and weaknesses. Be self-critical and realistic. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you start down the road of self-discovery:

  • What did you love or excel at in your previous career? What came easily and was rewarding? What was difficult, or was a source of procrastination?
  • What are your unique talents and/or interests? Are you actively involved in a hobby or organization? Or perhaps this is a perfect time to get started and learn a new skill.
  • List and prioritize your work goals: are your goals financial or personal? How much of an income stream do you need or want? Do you need benefits such as health insurance?
  • Consider your desired lifestyle and schedule: how much do you want to work and when? How far are you willing to commute? Are you available to work weekends, or are these reserved for family?

Finding that Dream Job in Retirement

Armed with your personal inventory of likes and dislikes, skills, hobbies and interests, start brainstorming the kinds of companies that share a similar mission. Consider companies you shop at, or support in your community. Use the Google search tool to research actual job titles, responsibilities and local companies. Learn more about non-profit groups and social networks that support your dream, and get involved. Networking with colleagues, neighbors and friends continues to be an important tool for formulating your ideal full time or summer retirement job, and identifying contacts at hiring companies.

The Senior Advantage

Your experience will guide you to develop a realistic inventory of your strengths and interests. Take advantage of this opportunity to combine your talents, goals and interests into a meaningful, second career. When you land a position with a company that values your skills, experience and interests, you will be that much closer to achieving your dream job in retirement.

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